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VPS hosting at XsToCloud

For VPS hosting you can go to XsToCloud. With this form of (web) hosting you rent your own protected environment on a physical server. This gives you more computing power and memory. We already offer reliable and secure hosting from € 5.99 per month.

"Personal attention is central to every issue, small and large."

Moreover, we are available day and night every day of the week to offer you the best service. After placing the order you have direct access to the VPS. You are ready to go after a few minutes.

High quality VPS hosting

  • Always honest
  • Customization possible
  • Our servers are well secured
  • Starting at € 5.99 a month
  • High quality hosting. From reseller hosting to shared hosting
  • Displeased? Money Back!
  • Ready for you 24/7


View the VPS hosting packages that we offer and choose the package that best suits your situation. If you are unable to make the right choice, you can always contact us. Call to 0852500822 or send an e-mail to info@xstocloud.nl.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtuele server on which an operating system can be installed. This server is located in its own protected environment. They have a lot of computing power and memory to run virtual machines.

Moreover, VPS hosting offers the same possibilities with its own physical dedicated server. That is why this server is also called a virtual private server. You have your own operating system that is completely separate from other VPSs.

Easily grows with it

By choosing a VPS server hosting, you choose a server that easily grows with capacity. It is not necessary to reinstall to a larger server.

In this way you have extra capacity in the event of unexpected growth on your website, without your website having a long downtime. The server can be fully adapted to your wishes, is affordable, scalable and always available.

Optimal stability, performance and freedom

We also reserve hardware resources for your VPS. With these hardware resources you are guaranteed optimum performance and stability. In addition, this form of web hosting gives you the freedom to manage your settings yourself and run the desired software.

You do the management yourself. After all, you have your own operating system that is completely separate from other Virtual Private Servers.

From € 5.99 per month

We offer professional web hosting packages. You can already enjoy VPS web hosting for your website from an amount of € 5.99 per month. Because you share the physical hardware with others, the costs of this web hosting remain lower per month than with your own physical server.

If you need extra capacity, you can simply grow your server with it. Customization is also possible with us. Please contact us to discuss the options.

Outstanding service

With us you enjoy excellent service. Our support staff are Available 24/7 to help you further. In addition, we have no waiting times. We are happy to provide you with expert advice that you can use to continue.

Personal attention is always central to us. No matter how big or small your issue is.

"We do what we promise"

Choose VPS Hosting from XsToCloud

Do you think VPS hosting meets your storage needs? Configure your VPS. After your order you have direct access to your VSP. It will all be arranged within a few minutes. If you are unexpectedly not satisfied, you can cancel the web hosting within 14 days.

For questions and comments you can contact us. Feel free to call us 0852500822 or send an e-mail to info@xstocloud.nl.

Configure your VPS

  • Standard 1 vCPU 2.93 GHz
  • Standard 1 GB RAM
  • Standard 20 GB HDD
  • 99,9% Uptime
  • Standaard 1TB Traffic



Displeased? Money Back!

Bent u onverhoopt niet tevreden met uw VPS? U kunt via uw klantenpaneel uw VPS binnen 14 dagen opzeggen en krijgt direct het geld teruggestort.

Each plan includes:

  •  Automatic backups
  •  KVM virtualization
  •  Root Acces
  •  Multiple IP addresses possible

  •   Lightning fast storage
  •  Lightning fast Intel Xeon processors
  •  100% Dutch
  •  Broad operating system support

  •  Managed or Unmanaged
  •  Monthly terminable
  •  Reverse DNS included
  •  Offsite backup

Ready for the future with Windows 2019

Microsoft Windows Cloud Servers provide a solid foundation for all your server applications and application requirements and are easy to implement and manage. For example: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Terminal Server, IIS, ASP.NET, and more.


We install your favorite Linux distribution and you can get started right away

Ideal for developers who need a fast, stable server to run an application or website or want a test environment to experiment with new techniques. In consultation we install your favorite Linux distribution, then you can further design the server via SSH as desired: install, configure and manage packages yourself.