SSL Certificates

Each package includes:

  •  Direct Admin Control Panel
  •  PHP Versions 5.6-7.0-7.2-7.3
  •  View website statistics
  •  Make a direct backup yourself
  •  Adult allowed

  •  DDoS protection
  •  Let's Encrypt SSL certificates
  •  Download 24/7 backups
  •  DNS Management
  •  Immediate Delivery Time

  •  MariaDb
  •  FTP over SSL / TLS and SFTP
  •  Telephone Support
  •  HTTP 2.0
  •  30+ Apps (WordPress, Joomla etc)

SSL Certificates

SSL certificate ensures that your website is secure. For yourself but also for your customer. An SSL certificate encrypts confidential information. As a result, customers are more likely to do business with you because it radiates reliability. When a customer opens your website, a connection is made between the customer and your website. It is of great importance to both that this connection is secure. Without this certificate, the information between the PC and the website is sent as readable data and the information from the customer can fall into the wrong hands. The certificate is therefore indispensable for your website


SSL abbreviation

SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. This is the protocol for establishing secure connections between the website and the user. They encrypt the traffic between the website and a user so that third parties cannot view it. An SSL certificate can be recognized by the lock that you see to the left of the web address.


SSL certificate important for your customers

An SSL certificate is a must for your website. The certificate is available on almost all professional websites. It goes without saying that your visitors want privacy and attach importance to what happens with their online information. The SSL certificate guarantees this, and more importantly for your website, it radiates trust to your customers. Customers will be more likely to do business with you when they see the green lock in the top left corner of their internet bar. Because the SSL certificate radiates reliability, the customer will feel secure on your website faster. In this way the customer knows that he does not have to worry about the safety of the connection. Your website exudes reliability.


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The importance of an SSL certificate

When your website processes personal data, having an SSL certificate according to the new AVG legislation is even mandatory. In addition, Google attaches great importance to the safety and privacy of websites. Since 2018, Google has even marked websites without an SSL certificate as unsafe.