XsToCloud can safely support you via this page.

You first make an appointment with one of our support staff. They guide you through the start-up of a small support program. A support employee will look with you or take over (after permission) your desktop to solve a problem for you. You can always watch what happens and intervene if you want.

This service costs € 50 per incident, unless XsToCloud has made other arrangements with you.


What do you need?

Step 1: contact XsToCloud for an appointment with a support specialist.

The PC or server where support must be provided must be connected to the Internet. It's no problem if this is behind a firewall. From that PC you go to this page. Note: you do need installation rights. We can also support the system administrator of, for example, a Citrix installation remotely.

Step 2: open the Remote Support Client (click here). click on to open to download the program and start it immediately. (If you are asked if you really want to start the program, click on Start)