Have you ever been working with your web store while thinking, "what a work"? What would it be like if you could automate most of your web store?

In other words, automatically load the products directly from your supplier, along with prices, VAT calculation, images, product descriptions, margins and even psychological prices such as rounding with, 95 and, 99?

By automating your web store, you have more time to do business. For example, you no longer have to keep track of stocks, renew products and much more. This is possible automatically.

Shop Importer

  • Import automatically
  • Your store updated daily
  • Simple dashboard
  • Incl. Hosting Pro



Import automatically

Importing is automatic and fast via .xml and .csv files. An update is done every evening so that your website stays up-to-date.


Our tool is well secured and runs via secure connections from our own servers, this works flexibly and quickly.

Price settings

Extensive margin and price options such as setting the margin per price category and rounding product prices to, for example, € 0.95. Flexible and easy.


Shopimport is a super handy system that has been specially designed to make life easier for online retailers. Unlike importing with other modules, plugins, extensions, Shopimport is very versatile, but requires no technical knowledge. It does not even take hours to set up the system, after which it often still does not work optimally. Too good to be true? Then quickly read how it works and how your web store is linked to your supplier / data file.

Step 1: Shop import makes a link through which your web store can communicate with your supplier and / or data file. We set everything up in such a way that it works optimally for you.

Step 2: You will receive an account from us with which you can log in and manage the software securely and easily online.

Step 3: You log in and you can get started right away, all you have to do is set your sales margins (max 5 minutes work) and possibly adjust the product categories and press the import button.

Step4: You can now drink a cup of coffee and wait a few minutes until all products have been imported. It is that simple to work with our Shopimport software, which will also keep track of stocks every day after importing so that you no longer have to do this by hand. The result? It will save you many hours of work, hours in which you can continue to do business.