Online Storage



You may know the statement "If the service does not cost money, you are the product being sold". This applies to many companies today. Google, Facebook and many other companies analyze your data, your behavior and where you are going. In short: They want to know everything about you and they sell that information to other companies. A number do that even if you do pay them for the services. We think this is a bad thing. You are a person, not a product.
We believe that your data is yours and only yours. We do not want to know who you are, where you are going or what you are eating. We do not want to sell your data to advertisers in order to provide you with a service. In short: we want to give you your privacy when you store or share data in the cloud.

Our basic price with basic support is € 2.89 per user per month. For this you get 10 Gb of storage space in the cloud, use of the browser interface and the synchronization app for PC and smartphone. 10 Gb is sufficient storage for most users. If this is not enough for you, you can expand your storage space for a small amount per year.

Top up per GB: € 0.06 

XsToCloud is gebaseerd op de Nextcloud software.
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