Your IT in our data center

You want to accommodate the IT infrastructure of your company or your customers as well as possible and limit the operational risks. Migrating to our data center is a step that many companies take or are considering.

We have the most excellent and energy-efficient climate control and redundant power supply. Together with 24 × 7 monitoring, security and continuity monitoring, these factors are reasons to house your IT infrastructure in our data center. You consciously choose to keep your own equipment, but in a safe, well-conditioned environment. You keep the choice whether you let your equipment be managed and maintained by us or whether you continue to do this yourself. "

Fire protection

The server rooms at XsToCloud are equipped with an independent, certified very early warning system with automatic reporting to the fire department. When a fire breaks out, the oxygen concentration in the room is lowered by gas extinguishing so that the fire is extinguished quickly. A gas mixture of Argon and nitrogen is used for this (Argonite). By fighting the fire in this way, there is no (water) damage to the equipment.

Colocation of XsToCloud

If you want to manage your servers in a stable environment, there are a lot of things involved. A redundant architecture and high security requirements, but also people with the right know-how. With XsToCloud colocation you are assured of a reliable environment for your servers. Our data center is ISO27001 certified. You can opt for a private rack or shared rack.

Curious about the possibilities?

We are happy to inform you about the possibilities of renting racks (1/4, 1/2 or entire rack) and rack space (1U, 2U). Do you have specific wishes or requirements? We are happy to discuss it with you in a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Technische specificaties datacenters

Constructie datacenter BIT
Hoogte serverruimte minimaal 6 meter boven NAP
Vloerbelasting 1500 kg/m²
Afmeting racks 46 HE hoog, 60 cm breed, 100 cm diep
Branddetectie een onafhankelijk, gecertificeerd very early warning systeem met doormelding naar de brandweer
Brandblussing gecertificeerde installatie met Argonite (Ar+N²)
Koelinstallatie N+1 computairs N+1 koelmachines
Koelvermogen 1500 W/m²
Temperatuur 25 ℃ (+/- 2 ℃) in koude paden
Bliksembeveiliging gecertificeerd volgens NEN-normen
Elektrische installatie twee inkomende feeds tot in rack aparte UPS voor iedere feed
Noodstroomvoorziening N+1 dieselaggregaten
Dieselvoorraad 48 uren
Stroom per rack tot 96 A
Informatiebeveiliging ISO/IEC 27001 en NEN 7510 gecertificeerd
Fysieke beveiliging VEB gecertificeerd beveiligingsklasse 4*
Alarm redundante verbinding naar meldkamer
Surveillance twee onafhankelijke surveillancediensten
Toegangscontrole dubbele authenticatie biometrisch met irisscanners RFID toegangspassen